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Halloween Classroom Resources

Halloween Classroom Resources


Progress is here! Find out more.

Progress is the first ever online tool to measure progress across academic year. Being 13 times more precise than CEFR scale, Progress will feed back to your students how good their English is.


Global Scale of English (GSE) has arrived!

See progress, make progress!


Pearson English Exams – Video Training.

What makes Pearson language exams stand out? How to make exam preparation effective? Watch, find out and get a certificate.


Order your teacher's set even before holidays!

Find out more about how to receive your free teacher's set even before holidays.


The Learning Curve Report 2014 has just been published!

Explore factors behind global performance shifts in education league tables!


CLIL in ELT classroom

How about using English for talking about football, literature or sociology? Learn more about Next Move - a course for teenagers that makes teaching CLIL easy and enjoyable.


2015 Cambridge Exams Changes Webinar

Stay on the ball. Watch the webinar on changes to Cambridge Exams.


Choose a Pearson title and get your Teacher's Diary for FREE

Have you already chosen your Pearson titles for the coming school year? Follow these three simple steps to get your own Teacher's Diary!


Train Your Brain competition

Encourage your students to join the Train Your Brain competition and let them win attractive prizes including Sony SmartWatch and Samsung Galaxy Tab!