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The Expert series delivers the rigorous exam training and thorough language development that will have your high-achieving students scoring top marks every time. The intensive course will satisfy your students' practice needs and allow them to achieve their full potential. If you want to teach your students at the level of the exam from the start of the course, use Expert! Now fully revised for the updated Cambridge First and Advanced exams 2015!

  • Assure your students of exam success with the integrated exam tips and strategies as well as regular review sections

  • Build your students writing and speaking skills with the thorough, step-by-step skills development activities

  • NEW! Encourage self study using the innovative online tool MyEnglishLab that offers comprehensive training and practice for First and Advanced revised exams

  • Exam style tasks throughout the course with integrated tips and strategies familiarise students with the exam format

Advanced Expert and First Certificate Expert (available in September 2014)

  • In line with 2015 Cambridge Exam specification
  • Completely new design
  • A wide range of stimulating and up-to-date topics
  • Intensive exam training approach that teachers and students like about Expert
  • Task analysis activities encourging self-evaluation and better understanding of key language
  • Exam strategy section at the back of the book
  • All texts have intristic appeal and can be exploited for further discussion
  • Extensive writing sections including model answers
  • Word Check boxes developing vocabulary
  • Emphasis on language chunks and focus on Use of English tasks
  • Coursebook available with MyEnglishLab

Other available components:

  • Teacher's Online Resource Material with Class audio MP3 - your complete guide to using all the components in a blended classroom
  • Teacher's eText software for IWB - the coursebook in interactive format plus testing materials and reference sections
  • Student's eText - the coursebook in interactive format with audio

Proficiency Expert (in line with 2013 exam specification) - more information here

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